About Me


Henny, an ex corporate slave who found happiness being a domestic goddess. A bit introvert but maintain to keep social. Try to find sanity from juggling with daily life’s issues by blogging.

Social media enthusiast, an amateur home-chef, annoying wife and parent in training of 2 beautiful children.

Email: chrysantie@yahoo.com
Twitter: @chrysantie


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. mba Henny..salam kenal yaa..barusan baca artikelnya mba Henny yang diposting akun Buah Hati di FB..tentang keputusan resign..i’m in that condition now..nemu artikel itu seperti penguatan jawaban dari Alloh..semoga dimantapkan lagi ya mba..doain..
    *yang bikin semakin terbengong2, kenapa nama anaknya sama..Alea..:)*

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